Strategic support for Creatives, Clinicians, and Innovators.


Strategic support for creatives, clinicians and innovators

Our experience and unique approach to engagement allow for a compelling set of focus areas that complement client strategies and accelerate revenue growth. We also take risk with our clients and offer a balanced compensation model that is leveraged on results. It is important to have "skin in the game" so we often take a holding position to bolster our focus and create partners for life. Everything we do is anchored in our primary goal of helping clients achieve long term, sustainable profitability. 

revenue strategy & Execution

The healthcare startup and small business marketplace is a fierce frontier that requires experience and skills that only years of business, operational, and financial success can provide.  We take a holistic approach and work with clients as "embedded" leaders to help design and execute business strategy that results in revenue. We believe this approach is essential to any company looking to grow and we measure our success by financial outcomes vs. efforts. 

corporate development

Tailwater's roots lie in corporate development; planning and executing corporate strategy, breaking ground in new markets, commercializing new products and services, arranging strategic alliances and M&A diligence. We help clients establish "sticky" channel partnerships and technology alliances that complement revenue strategy and capital strategy. We work with clients to maintain a balance of activities that increase valuation and exit opportunities. 


private equity

We maintain a large network of private investors that welcome the opportunities we introduce. Over the years we have learned that the most productive relationships are more attributed to finding the right fit, and not necessarily the largest financial investment. We concentrate on working with angels and niche private equity sources that understand a successful venture requires creativity and flexibility. Our capital partners are a mix of strategics and traditional investors that often bring additional value to clients beyond investment dollars.